About us

Lombardy’s Life Sciences Cluster is a non-profit association set up in 2015, prompted by Lombardy’s Regional Government.

It is a community devoted to life sciences in the Lombardy Region.

It brings together public and private players in the diagnostics, advanced therapies, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and healthcare technologies areas to foster progress in the life sciences sector in Lombardy, to facilitate internationalization, favour contamination and help to create new business opportunities for its members.


The Cluster brings together business associations (local and industry ones), public and private research bodies and centres, universities, public and private research hospitals (IRCCS), public hospitals, residential care facilities for the elderly (RSA), public bodies providing social services (ASP), private clinics, large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups.


The Cluster aims at creating a collective identity able to represent the life sciences sector at the local level.

Lombardy’s Life Sciences Cluster is member of: