To create a virtuous ecosystem that reflects cooperation between public and private entities to boost the Lombardy Region as a pole of excellence in research and innovation in the life sciences field, in Italy and abroad, focusing on:

#Medical Devices
#Health and Wellbeing
#Digital Health

In particular, the Cluster aims at:

  • supporting life sciences as part of the regional government’s smart specialization strategy for research and innovation, especially in the focus areas;
  • promoting Lombardy as a pole of excellence in research and innovation;
  • encouraging interaction among members to share methods, disseminate success models and exchange know-how;
  • supporting members in the development and implementation of common projects;
  • discussing with regional, national and international organizations;
  • enabling the development of new partnerships at local, national and international level;
  • improving the quality of technology transfer processes and prompting the creation of new companies (start-ups and innovative spin-offs);
  • assisting members in identifying and anticipating national and international strategic trends;
  • favouring the growth of local skills and resources, catalysing them within an organized system and supporting access to such infrastructures, facilities, skills and services.