Clinical Trials

The project aims at developing a proposal to increase clinical trials in Lombardy. Law no. 3 of January 2018, better known as Lorenzin Law, brought important changes about clinical research and Ethics Committees’ organization. Clinical trials are a keystone for hospitals to guarantee high quality assistance. Therefore, they should be part of the mission of each entity of regional health systems and of the national one. 

Participation in a clinical trial brings several benefits to a facility:

  • It improves the knowledge about the trial method
  • It makes it possible to quickly learn how to use a new molecule/device
  • It offers a learning opportunity, thus generating a larger learning network for the facility and for the human resources involved
  • It may be a way to increase the facility’s reputation with residents/patients and professionals
  • It brings economic benefits.

The project aims at bringing together public and private institutions operating in the clinical trials field to:

  • Make it easier to implement and monitor the new law, identifying potential areas of intervention
  • Promote development of new projects, cooperation and dialogue among all players of the trials ecosystem
  • Show the value of clinical research in Lombardy with data that can support professionals and policy-makers in their efforts to strengthen the system
  • Identify best practices that can improve the activity of Ethics Committees and of facilities where clinical trials are performed.

This objective will be pursued through the following two activities: