First Annual HBP Innovation Forum

Da giovedì 22 marzo a venerdì 23 marzo dalle ore 9:00 alle ore 18:00

From the Human Brain to Breakthroughs in Technology and Medicine

This event will provide an exhibition to show-case some of the achievements made in the project so far and to demonstrate the potential of ongoing research to improve the European economy and advance new treatments for neurological disorders. Companies with an interest in areas of research covered by HBP are also invited to exhibit at the event.

It will also provide opportunities for network, strategizing and developing new opportunities bringing between scientists, entrepreneurs and experts from the business sector.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • Brain-inspired artificial intelligence including deep learning
  • Neuromorphic computing—new computing architectures inspired by the brain
  • Brain-based robotics—the potential to develop new forms of human-compatible robot that understand the world more like us
  • Brain mapping and modelling—exploring and understand the structure and operation of the human brain
  • Personalised medicine—how advancing the understanding of individual brains can lead to improve treatments for brain injuries and disorders.

The event is organised by the multiple HBP partners with leadership from the University of Sheffield, the University of Amsterdam, EPFL & Erdyn.


Thursday 22nd March 2018, Natural History Museum

Shirihane Kouardi

Friday 23rd March 2018, Science Museum

Louise Caffrey

More information at the follow link.