Milano, Hotel Manin - via Daniele Manin 7


giovedì 17 maggio alle ore 9:30

Opportunities in Italy and Switzerland in the Life Science sector

Innovation internationalization in the Life Science sector– these are the topics of this exclusive meeting in Milan with selected entrepreneurs and associations from Italy, innovation Swiss experts, a Switzerland based VC Company and the representatives of economic promotion of some Swiss Cantons.

Health Tech Cluster Switzerland is a network of manufacturers, suppliers, research and training institutions, service providers and investors in the field of health technology. The cluster brings together companies from the medical technology, health care, biotechnology, pharmaceutical technology and molecular biology industries in a mutually profitable way, thus increasing their added value.

Assobiotec is the Italian Association for the Development of Biotechnology, represents approximately 130 businesses and science and technology parks, which operate in Italy in various fields where biotechnology is used: health, agriculture, the environment and industrial processes. The Association brings together various entities in differing size and activity sector, which have found a strong rallying point in their propensity to innovate and in the use of biotechnology: a strategic lever for development in all industrial fields and the tangible answer to increasingly pressing needs in public health, environmental conservation, agriculture and food. Established in 1986, within Federchimica, Assobiotec is a founding member of EuropaBio and the International Council of Biotechnology Associations.

Biomedvc invests in innovative private early- to mid-stage human Life Science companies that address important medical needs with novel technologies or products backed by compelling science and with differentiated advantages over current treatment options. The focus of Biomedvc is on Switzerland and surrounding EU countries Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Benelux. We mostly invest in drug development and, to a lesser degree, in diagnostics and medical technology.

Cluster Lombardo Scienze della vita is the Lombardy Life Sciences Association, established in July 2015 by a group of businesses, research facilities, universities and business associations. It is a regional cluster made up of public and private entities operating in a variety of sectors. The cluster is the driver for regional innovation in the Life Science sector. It represents a system able to build and manage innovation, generating networks of knowledge and competencies regarding specific purposes. It is an element of aggregation able to catalyze development processes.