Lancio Bandi IMI 2

Innovative Medicine Initiative: Call 11 e Call 12


The Innovative Medicines Initiative has now launched IMI2 – Call 11 and 12.

Deadline for submittin proposals : 24 October 2017.

IMI2 – Call 11
is a single-stage Call for proposals and includes one topic on the exploitation of IMI project results. It focuses in particular on the following IMI projects: EMTRAIN and PharmaTrain (both education and training), EUPATI (patient education), Open PHACTS (data management), RAPP-ID (infectious disease diagnostics), WEB-RADR (reporting of medicines side effects), and GetReal (incorporation of real world data into drug development).

IMI2 – Call 12
is a standard, two-stage Call for proposals and includes the following topics:

  • Development and validation of technology enabled, quantitative and sensitive measures of functional decline in people with early stage Alzheimer’s disease (RADAR-AD)
  • FAIRification of IMI and EFPIA data
  • Development of sensitive and validated clinical endpoints in primary Sjögren’s Syndrome (pSS)
  • European health data network (EHDN)
  • Analysing the infectious disease burden and the use of vaccines to improve healthy years in aging populations
  • Discovery and characterisation of blood-brain barrier targets and transport mechanisms for brain delivery of therapeutics to treat neurodegenerative & metabolic diseases

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