Programma EU4HEALTH: aperti nuovi bandi per un totale di 7 milioni di euro

Il programma EU4HEALTH è il programma d’azione dell’Unione Europea in materia di salute per il periodo 2021-2027.

I 13 bandi, a cui è stato assegnato un budget totale di 7 milioni di euro, riguardano topic diversi in materia di salute, dai dati sanitari, agli stili di vita sani, infezioni, salute mentale, cancro, genomica e altro:

  1. computer-aided Drug Repurposing for Cancer Therapy Project;
  2. support the implementation of best practices in community-based services for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), tuberculosis, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections;
  3. support implementation of best practices on the ground with direct impact on the effort to tackle mental health challenges during COVID-19;
  4. organise and collect data to understand the safety, quality and efficacy of therapies applied in the field of assisted reproduction and based on haematopoietic stem cells;
  5.  ‘EU Cancer Treatment Capacity and Capability Mapping’ project – Network of Comprehensive Cancer Centres;
  6. the initiative ‘HealthyLifestyle4All’: promotion of healthy lifestyles;
  7. create a ‘Cancer Survivor Smart Card’;
  8. developing a pilot project for an EU infrastructure ecosystem for the secondary use of health data for research, policy-making and regulatory purposes;
  9. boosting cancer prevention through the use of the European Code against Cancer and other concerted actions;
  10. ‘Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment for All’ including ‘Genomic for Public Health’;
  11. support actions to improve access to human papillomavirus vaccination;
  12. supporting training activities, implementation, and best practices;
  13. reduce liver and gastric cancers caused by infections.

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