A Czech biotech SME company offers stable fibroblast growth factors and haloalkane dehalogenases via license or distribution service agreement with R&D-based companies or distributors.

The Czech biotech SME has developed and offers thermo-stable proteins called fibroblast growth factors (FGFs), usable e.g. in stem cell research, wound healing applications or cosmetics. Other offered products are haloalkane dehalogenases used for speeding up bioremediation and catalysis in R&D. All products can be customized quickly and reliably.

Type of partner sought: the potential partners´ field of interest are biotechnology, stem-cell culturing, diagnostics, healthcare, cosmetics or pharmacology. New partners might be active in the above-mentioned fields, but also in other relevant ones, such as chemical industry. As above mentioned, the company can provide fast and reliable customisation of both types of substances based on particular partner´s needs. The company primarily targets large biotech corporations with established distribution channels for the sale of bioactive molecules, such as proteins for research use. The cooperation with such companies should be based on distribution agreement. The second type of partners sought are R&D based companies or R&D organisations with interest of utilisation of described substances in their application field (products). The cooperation with such partners should be based on combination of license and distribution agreement which would entitle particular partner to produce chosen substances and distribute them further. The company is ready to transfer comprehensive knowledge related to manufacturing and application of both types of substances.

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