A national research institute in Korea is looking for global partners in a point-of-care (PCO) to measure mental stress by simple sampling of saliva under technology cooperation and others

The capillary biochip developed in the Biotech division in a national research institute in Korea, can detect stress related biomolecules in saliva, facilitating facile measure of the mental stress state of a person. The detection is carried out within a matter of a few minutes using very small amount of saliva (5μL). Moreover, with advantage over the conventional ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) used in clinical environment, the capillary biochip can provide faster and better result.

Type and Role of Partner Sought: companies in the bio & healthcare industry wishing to enter a POC diagnostic device market under license agreement, technical cooperation and commercial agreement with technical assistance. Any companies, universities, and research institutes in healthcare industry interested in join R&D to develop a new portable POC diagnostic kit based on the bio-capillary chip and analyser technology.

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