Antimicrobial material for wound care application and anti-infective medical devices.

A Swedish MedTech SME has developed a new antimicrobial hydrogel targeted for wound care applications and anti-infective medical devices. The company is interested in discussing potential partnerships with established wound care/med-tech companies and would like to assess different types of co-operation that would increase their growth and competitiveness.
Type of partner sought: – Type of partner sought: med-tech industry – Specific area of activity of the partner: Established wound care or medical device companies. The technology’s base can be extended beyond wound care, for example in medical devices at risk of being infected (catheters, surgical sheets).
– Tasks expected from the partner: The Swedish SME is in a stage where they would like to assess different types of partnerships and co-operations that would increase its competitiveness. Consequently, they would be interested in discussing 1) different co-development/license models, including joint venture and 2) technology cooperation agreement, including e.g. adaptation to customer/market needs.

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