COVID-19: A smart, innovative body temperature measurement system and early indication tool to identify possible infections such as COVID

An Austrian SME offers a cost-effective system to continuously measure body temperature. It enables identification of potentially infected persons at a very early stage, thus breaking the chain of infection as soon as possible. Measurements are read by a sensor embedded in a patch, which transmits data to a device via NFC. Atypical body temperature curves indicate at risk individuals, advising e.g. a COVID test. Partners are sought for licencing or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Type and Role of Partner Sought: the product is already being used in logistic centres and care homes and the Austrian SME sees further potential in:

  • essential service settings (e.g. government, healthcare, logistics, retail etc.)
  • large-scale events (e.g. trade fairs, concerts, sporting events etc.)
  • crisis prevention (e.g. in educational facilities, care homes, companies, catering)
  • crisis management (e.g. monitoring of quarantined individuals, travel and border crossings)

The Austrian SME is looking for strategic partners and customers.
Strategic Partners: partners with projects or customers who can integrate the product into their daily life and business, sales organisations and personalities with focus on health & medical hardware devices & scanners, employee security, event industry, producers of access control systems etc. Here a commercial agreement with technical assistance is envisaged.

Customers: all types of companies that want to protect their employees from infections such as COVID with a preventive and cost-effective system in addition to health institutions & nursing homes. Here licence agreements can be arranged.
The Austrian SME is interested in selling licences to potential customers in health institutions and care homes. Customised solutions can be discussed.
It is also interested in entering into commercial agreements with technical assistance with strategic partners who wish to integrate the patch system into larger projects involving higher numbers of people in preventative, risk mitigation and crisis management scenarios.
Due to existing partnerships, partners are not sought in Australia or India.

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