Tailor-made protein engineering for companies and research organisations.

A Czech biotech SME offers its expertise in protein engineering, computational approaches and related state-of-the-art software tools. They provide powerful protein optimization services e.g. thermal stabilization of proteins for medical applications or effective enzymes for production of fine chemicals. Partners sought are companies or R&D organisations utilising such proteins in their industrial processes or within research projects for commercial or research cooperation agreement.

Type of partner sought: a company or a research institute with a need of a specific protein or enzyme to be stabilized or optimized. The Czech Company would like to work with its partners on long-term basis, either on contract basis (commercial agreement with technical assistance) or within research consortium research cooperation agreement).

The partnership would utilise the company´s R&D and manufacturing competencies/capacities. It is expected that certain technical knowledge would be transferred towards to partners. The application fields are very broad – the company has collaborated with partners from the fields of environmental biotechnology, military research, diagnostics, healthcare, cosmetics, pharmacology, food additives and agriculture. The company has also collaborated with various public research institutions within funded (international) R&D projects where its know-how has been utilised to reach common goals. Thus, new partners might be active in the above-mentioned fields, but also in other relevant ones.

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