Test innovative technologies for senior citizens in a Swiss network of private homes and care institutions.

An interdisciplinary Swiss research centre offers to test products at different stages of development for senior citizens’ private homes and/or care institutions. The products will be tested over a period of 3-6 months in actual living environments of elderly end-users. The research centre will collect data regarding user-friendliness and technology acceptance to identify the needs and obstacles regarding the product and improve market opportunities of partners. A research cooperation is sought.

Type of partner sought: the specific area of activity of the partner: developer of innovative technologies to support elderly people.
The tasks to be performed by the partner sought: the partner should be willing to provide their technology, product or service to the Swiss organisation for testing in households or nursing homes in Switzerland. The partner should be willing to incorporate the test results into the further development or adaptation of their product, so that the end-result is a product optimally adapted to elderly people’s needs and wishes and has a higher chance of success on the market. 

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